Kunstweltrekord: 1048 Bananen für Berlin

Extreme artist Werner paints 1000 bananas live on a 48 x 1,5 m screen depicting the meritocracy we're living in: Art-World-Record!


Introducing: 1000 bananas painted live on 48 x 1.50 m. This art world record goes beyond all previous banana images: taller, faster, better. Many artists delivered banana patterns, sprayed or screen printed. Hardcore artist Werner wants to surpass them and explores completely new dimensions: "With my giant banana painting I crush them all." Werner is aiming for pin-sharp bananas: "My bananas are a further development of the tree fence banana, which developed on the Warhol banana, who designed an advertising poster banana perfectly. I paint without aids or doping, only with brush and paint, word of honour! I'm bringing the record to Berlin."

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